Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Scottish Launch

The Scottish launch of the Dorna Project took place at Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival, Moray Coast on 2 July. GalGael's marquee with displays of wood carving, pole lathe work, wool craft, pottery and leatherwork housed a Dorna information stall for the remainder of the Festival until 5 July.

The event was well attended by the public and traditional boat community alike. It was a great opportunity to talk to people about Dorna and the potential benefits to future traditional boat building. Our partners from the Causeway Coast Maritime Heritage Group joined us for the event and were on hand to talk about their work conserving some of the rich maritime culture of the North Irish Coast and sailing in their currach the Colmcille.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Dorna Activities & Themes

• traditional technique
• oral and pictorial archive
• training and skills development
• construction methods
• market development
• tourism potential
• culture and sport
• innovation and design
• sponsorship opportunities
• educational programmes

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dorna & Scotland

GalGael wishes to establish the level of interest that we are sure there will be in this project. We want to invite all those individuals, enthusiasts, informal groups, associations, organisations, amateur and professional boat builders to become involved.

Scotland has an amazing wealth of knowledge, archival material, examples of best practice, dedicated commercial builders, committed craftspeople and sailors. All are committed to raising awareness of our maritime heritage and keeping trades alive and welcoming new people into the craft. This could be great opportunity to reconnect and revitalise our traditional boatbuilding culture.
This is not so much a matter of looking back, but looking forward.
Of taking stock of what is on the ground in terms of yards, individual businesses, areas of potential, unique craft and skills and training gaps.
This is also a great opportunity for Scotland to connect and engage with other coastal communities in Ireland and Spain.

Project Aims

The aim of the Dorna project is to take a look at infrastructure needs, widen communication within the traditional boatbuilding community and with the public and to create a tourism opportunity based around our industry. The project is at the very initial stages and further information will be available at the launch. Starting in summer 2009, the Dorna project will involve visits to Scottish yards and events as well as visiting yards and projects in Spain, Portugal, Ireland. This is a fantastic opportunity to become involved in all aspects of the project including, Scottish events, training and research elements. In Summer 2010, our Spanish, Portuguese and Irish partners want GalGael to host a big celebration of the traditionally built boat here in Scotland. The help, enthusiasm and support of the maritime community in Scotland are what will make this project a success.

Project Activities

The project starts with a review of existing yards in Spain, Ireland and Scotland; engages with the experts and practitioners within the boatbuilding communities; and then reviews the commercial opportunities in building and innovation, tourism and culture. We will then hold a series of workshops in the participant countries and a raft of opportunities to exchange ideas, skills and practice.
The whole project will be accessible online with public access to a website and database and will culminate in a grand river and coastal based event in Scotland in 2010.